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Get to know our members

The Chamber of Commerce Brazil India is composed by a Board of Directors, a group that plans and votes in our activities, Associates, entrepreneurs pursuing opportunities and a Consultive Board, with experts renowned in their fields. 

Board of Directors


President: Roberto Paranhos do Rio Branco

Officer and member of the advisor board of the CIESP; officer of the DEPARTMENT FOR FOREIGN RELATIONS AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS in FIESP; officer and member of the adviser board of the COMMERCE FEDERATION OF THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO; 

Vice-president: Calambur Subramanian Balaji.

General Manager at AUROBINDO PHARMA

Genreal Secretary: Anurag Srivastava

President & Country Head ADITYA BIRLA GROUP in the Latin American countries.


Finance Director: Robert William Velásquez Salvador.

 Member of Board Of Advisors CNLP S.A.




Director: Dionísio Petry

President of Figwal Transportes 

Fausto Martha Godoy 

Served in Diplomatic Career for 39 years, as an Ambassador located in Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Washington, Tokyo, Pakistan, Afghanistan and many other. Currently coordinator of the Center of Studies in Asiatic Business in ESPM.

DirectorJustin Labuschagne 



Ashok Das 

Former Ambassador of India in Brasilia

Cesar Borges

Vice-president of Caramuru Group

                                                   Digvijay Nath


Indian Commerce Consul in Consulate General of India in São Paulo 

Diogo Matté Amaro

Lawfirm Matté Amaro


Eduardo Carvalho Tess Filho

Sênior Partner at Tess Advocacy

Halley Henares Neto

 Sênior Partner at Henares Advocacy

Haroldo Korte

Director of the Brazilian Atomic Investment Fund

Joseph Michel Tutudjian

Director at Sertrading S.A

 Kesavan Nair 

Consultant in thermal and nuclear energy

Lalgudi Ramanathan 

General Manager at IPEN (Institute of Energetic Research)

Luís Rogério G. Farinelli 

Partner at Machado Associados Advogados e Consultores

Luiz Fernando Furlan

Chairman of LIDE and President of LIDE International and former Minister of Development Industry and Foreign Commerce.   

Miguel Ignatio 

 Advisor  at ADVB

Rakesh Vaidyanathan

Consultant in THE JAI GROUP

Renato Gasparetto 

Public Affairs and Sustainability Vice-President of Telefonica Brasil 

Roberto Gianetti da Fonseca 

President of Kaduna Consultoria and Former CEO of ABIEC (Brazilian Beef Exporters Association)

Roberto Rodrigues 

Coordinator of the Agribusiness Center at FGV and FAO Special, Ambassador for Cooperatives and Former Chair of the OCB – Brazilian Cooperatives organization, COSAG – Superior Council of Agribusiness of FIESP, SRB – Brazilian Rural Society 

Rodrigo Rocha Loures

President of FIEP System of Federation of the Industries of State of Paraná (FIEP)


Rubens Ricupero 

Ambassador and Former Minister of Finance and Environment

Sergio Amaral 

Ambassador and Former Minister of Industry and Commerce

Valdemar Verdi Jr. 

Council President of Rodobens Group

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